Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pre-WWDC Video Breakdown

On the eve of WWDC, it looks like another video claiming to be a beta version of Leopard has risen (via LeopardTracker), and has, like all of the others, given Mac users a chance to comment on it's authenticity. And being a screenshot blogger, I'm no exception.

This video is creating mixed feelings, for me at least: in some ways, there's evidence to suggest it's real, but here's why I think it's fake:

  1. The About this Mac box is missing a drop shadow, and the text I believe reads "Virtualization" is black, whereas the other, real items are in a dark grey.

  2. Part of the text in the Processor item is a different shade of grey from the rest of the text.

  3. Besides the blatantly fake About this Mac box, he's running nothing but Windows applications, meaning that could simply be an image.

  4. The "Dock" body is too transparent (but in its defense, Apple might have made this change in Leopard).

  5. Besides "virtualization", there is no demonstration of any other features of the OS.

  6. The Command Prompt application title bar reads "C:/WINDOWS". Mac OS X, obviously, cannot be stored in such a directory.

  7. The OS X menu bar only has one item in it, which I think reads "Finder". Where's the rest of it?

  8. There are Windows-style folders on the desktop, which obviously doesn't make any sense.

So as far as I can see, this screenshot is simply Windows with an OS X theme. However, given WWDC is tomorrow, I can't make any promises, so I guess we'll find out when the Stevenote rolls around.