Sunday, October 15, 2006

Firefox Theme, Mockup 2

Because I've been busy for the past month or so, I haven't really had time to work on that Firefox theme I promised I would do.... however, I finally got around to making a more polished mockup and also the [hopefully] final color tones for the toolbar and bookmarks bar, as well as some other changes and minor fixes.

- Changed color of widgets to "New Aqua", or iTunes-colored. Will offer range of colors but likely make this default to blend in better with iTunes/soon-to-be-Aqua apps.
- Scrollbar changed to reflect iTunes.
- Very present drop shadow between titlebar and toolbar. Will possibly change...?
- Status bar no longer has shine; blends in more with toolbars and scrollbars.
- Bookmarks bar now has a gradient as opposed to solid gray.
- Separators changed to blend in with other widgets.
- Refresh icon condensed about 60%.
- Google buttons currently Aqua; possible switch to iTunes metal in later versions.
- Slight changes on bookmark/toolbar drop shadows (can't be seen from the crappy picture, have to have PSD).
- Very minor fixes on the searchbar/button.

PSD available on request.